Aeroponic cloning is a very reliable method for those looking to turn their cuttings into clones. Compared to other conventional methods, cloners all over the world have embraced it due to its outstanding success rate and low labor demands. Aeroponic cloning allows for a cheap, less time consuming and effective way to clone your favorite plant varieties.

Built with a futuristic attitude, Quiclone employs an aeroponic cloning method to achieve successful, quick and easy cloning. Amazingly, results are visible in a few days. Typically, roots will start to appear in as little as 2-3 days.

With Quiclone, you can become an expert cloner from your very first cutting. Yes, that’s how easy it is to use our cloning machine. Quiclone requires only 5 minutes to set up and comes packaged with all the components you require to start cloning IMMEDIATELY.

The Benefits of Using Quiclone

Maximize on your work area

Quiclone’s patent pending ATS (Advanced Tubing System), that prevents merging of the clone rooting system with other clones, with a footprint of only 120cm x 70cm x 210cm the system takes up very little space and is suitable even to cloners with limited space. This allows commercial cloners to maximize on their working space since they can fit several machines within a small working space. A small working space doesn’t have to affect your yield output.

High pressure misting nozzles

Quiclone utilizes an external pump that constantly sprays water to your clones through high pressure misting nozzles. This guarantees 100-150 micron drops that allow oxygen, nutrients and water to be absorbed effectively by the clones, thus supporting rapid growth of firm, healthy roots.

Use younger cuttings and maximize on mother plants

With Quiclone, you can use younger cuttings which enable rapid root growth due to their naturally aggressive growth hormones. This benefit extends to the transplanting, growing and flowering stages. Furthermore, by using small 3cm cuttings, you are able to optimize on just a few mother plants.

Heating and Chilling Unit

Cold water temperatures (below 60°F)can slow down plant metabolism or send your plants into a shock, resulting to stunted growth. High temperatures (above 75°F) on the other hand,significantly reduce the oxygen levels in the water, harbor pathogens, and lead to highevaporation rates that increase nutrient concentration. Quiclone’s built in heating and chilling unit allows commercial cloners toeasily control and monitor water temperature so that it’s never a problem.

Oxygenated and chill root area for your clones

Quiclone’s high pressure misting system not only enriches microns drops with oxygen, which we all know is extremely essential, but also creates a chill environment, thus providing a healthy atmosphere for root development.

Light, detachable planting tray

By employing a Pik’n Plant™ detachable planting tray design, it becomes very easy to carry your clones around, especially in the cutting and planting stages, without the need to carry the water filled reservoir around.

UV Water Filter

Bacteria and viruses can cause havoc if they come into contact with your clones. When this happens, produce can diminish and in severe cases your clones can die. Rather than using chemicals to solve this problem, Quiclone uses an energy efficient UV water filter that kills disease causing microbes, leaving your clones healthy. The filter is low maintenance and does not add any impurities in the water.

Small Water Tank

Quiclone’s independent 1392 cloning machine comes equipped with a small 30 liter water tank. Compared to other commercial cloning systems of the same caliber, Quiclone’s water tank takes up less space thus creating more room for cloning trays.In addition, the system is water efficient due to it slow flow rate water nozzles. A low flow rate also allows better water and nutrient absorption by the roots.

Transplantable Biodegradable Collars

For commercial cloners, having to remove each and every collar during the transplanting stage can take up a lot of time. Additionally, incorrect handing of the clone while removing the collar could damage it. Fortunately, Quiclone uses transplantable biodegradable cork collars that cut down the time it takes to transplant significantly. Additionally they are environmentally friendly and non-toxic and this helps to conserve the environment.

Fully Automated System

Quiclone does all the heavy lifting for you. Once you insert your cuttings, your job is pretty much done. Some of the automated functions include; temperature control, water spray interval control, system failure alerts via SMS and Email and Lighting control. This allows you to spend your time on other things you love besides cloning and still achieve the yield output you want.

100% Success Rate

Quiclone takes into account all possible obstacles that may get in the way of getting maximum yields including temperature, lighting, water spraying intervals, and system failure. Through this fully automated system even first time cloners are guaranteed to get maximum results.

Easy to set up

Our aeroponic cloning machine begins cloning your favorite plant varieties immediately after you set it up. Setting up Quiclone takes only about 5 minutes and in 2-3 days you will have your newly rooted clones.

About Us

The New Age of Cloning

Quiclone is a product that applies the latest cloning technology to meet the needs of both individual and commercial cloners. After having worked in the cloning industry for the past 10 years, mainly in farms, we were still facing challenges while trying to clone with the existing products. Temperature problems and unbalanced water supply were among the problems we had to deal with everyday.

We knew there had to be a better way. After extensive research and numerous tests, Quiclone was born.


My previous cloning machine required me to turn the pump on and off at 15 minute intervals to prevent my water from heating. This would result to delayed root growth as my clones would be without water for some time. However, since I started using QUICLONE that is no longer a problem for me, I can pump water 24 hours a day without worrying about the water heating up. My clones now grow much faster!

Glen - Denver

I was hesitant at first to try QUICLONE, but after my first cloning experience with this amazing device, I have never regretted my decision. I am looking forward to gradually replacing my previous cloning method with QUICLONE aeroponic machines. Great product!

David - Boston

Before learning about QUICLONE, I had been struggling to clone my cuttings using conventional cloning methods. But since QUICLONE was introduced to me by a friend, I have been able to increase my cloning potential by up to 3 times.

Eric - California

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